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Songs & Rhymes


songs rhymesMusic and songs develop listening skills, which are an important part of communication.  The repetitive nature of songs and rhymes help your child's language development.  Rhymes with body movement and finger plays make them interactive and fun.  Make up silly, new songs by incorporating your child's name or toys.  


Develop a bedtime routine that includes reading a book and singing a song.  Songs and rhymes can be great distractions when your child is tired or fussy.  Singing and humour can improve many situations.


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Singing Through the Day

Reaching IN ... Reaching OUT - singing games, songs and movement help your child develop thinking, memory and problem-solving skills.


Sing AlongNurseryRhymes-1

Download the .pdf song sheet here and click the songs below and enjoy your own sing along at home.  Click here to download all of the songs in one file.

Garden Snail (.mp3)

Grandfather's Clock Goes Tick Tock Tick (.mp3)

Grand Old Duke of York (.mp3)

Here is a Nest for a Blue Bird (.mp3)

Humpty Dumpty (.mp3)

I'm a Little Tea Pot (.mp3)

Itsy Bitsy Spider (.mp3)

London Bridge is Falling Down (.mp3)

Old MacDonald Had a Farm (.mp3)

One Two Buckle My Shoe (.mp3)

Pat a Cake (.mp3)

Pat Your Head and Rub Your Tummy (.mp3)

Popcorn Popcorn in a Pot (.mp3)

She Fell Into The Bathtub (.mp3)

The Moon is Round As Round Can Be (.mp3)

These Are Baby's Fingers, These Are Baby's Toes (.mp3)

The Wheels on the Bus (.mp3)

This Little Piggy (.mp3)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (.mp3)

Up Like a Rocket Ship (.mp3)