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Speech, Language & Hearing Association of Peterborough


Who we are



Our membership includes:

• an early literacy specialist
• an infant development worker
• parents
• an early childhood educator
• speech language pathologists
• representative from boards of education & the learning disabilities association



To promote the optimal level of communication development in children and youth in the County and City of Peterborough.



To advocate for services in the area of communication development in children and youth.

To ensure parents, caregivers, and professionals have access to information, education and support regarding the development of speech, language and hearing by promoting the early identification of and current approaches for assistance with various types of communication delays through annual workshops and/or presentations within the community.

To promote and advocate for speech, language and hearing screening programs for children prior to school entry and beyond.

To identify and encourage existing activities that promotes hearing conservation.

To share information, ideas and expertise.


Connecting Language and Mental Health in the Early Years, 2014 

The Roots of Literacy:  Play and Language, 2013

Working Memory, Learning and Language, 2012

ABC and Beyond 2011
Hearing, Listening and Learning 2010
Oral Language 2009
Can You Say That Again? 2008
Pulling IT Together 2006
SLHAP 2005


For more information on the Speech, Language and Hearing Association of Peterborough, contact:
• Peterborough City-County Health Unit (705) 743-1000
• Five Counties Children's Centre (705) 748-2221
• Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.