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Eye Contact


Without your child's attention, he will not learn from you.

86521915It is important to:  

  • find time to play one-on-one with your child everyday
  • use proper toys for your child's age level and interests
  • sit facing your child - when your child watches you, it's easier for him to see your face and watch your lips
  • be at the same physical level - this will not only keep his attention but will also help you to make eye contact. Communication will be fun if he doesn't have to crane his neck to look up at you when you're talking
  • play listening games such as Ring Around the Rosey, Simon Says, Follow the Leader, or any songs which use specific actions to words

There are several ways of getting your child's attention:

  • begin playing with toys and enjoying yourself
  • get involved in what your child is doing
  • gently turn his face toward you and say, "Look at me"
  • call his name and add "Look at me"
  • wait until unsettled behavior stops and then call his attention to you
  • hold a favourite toy or food next to your mouth and call his name saying, "Look at me"

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