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By age 5



  • Counts to 10 and knows common colours and shapes
  • Speaks clearly in adult-like sentences most of the time
  • Tells long stories about own past experiences
  • Correctly says the words – sew, house, zoo, buzz, chop, much, jam, fudge, shoe, push, look, ball
  • Uses sentences to describe objects and events
  • Responds verbally to “hi” and “how are you?”


The following activities for your child will help you play your part in your child’s development:

  • I'm learning so much. Let's play using letters, numbers and colours e.g. "I spy with my little eye three things that are red” or “I spy something blue that starts with B”.
  • I like mystery. You think of something and I will guess what it is by asking you questions, "Is it food?" "Is it an animal?" "Does it have four legs?” “Is it a dog?”
  • I have a lot to say. Talk with me often throughout the day about things that interest me. When you listen to me I learn how to tell a story from beginning to end. Ask questions so I can remember the details of my day.
  • I like to answer the phone and talk to people I know. I feel proud to take a message for you.
  • I like to play games such as hide and seek, tag, dodge the ball and red rover. This helps me learn rules of games and helps me to take turns.
  • Board games are fun. I learn the rules, counting, taking turns, winning and losing. Don't always let me win. It's all right for me lose.