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By age 3


  • Speaks clearly enough to be understood all the time by family
  • Understands two and three step directions (pick up your hat and shoes and put them in the closet)
  • Speaks in sentences of five or more words (“I go home and play”)
  • Understands and uses some describing words (big, dirty, wet, hot

The following activities for your child will help you play your part in your child’s development: 

  • Encourage me to create with puzzles, play dough, nesting toys, peg boards, beads, and building blocks.
  • Books are some of my favorite things. Read to me often throughout the day. Make it part of our daily routine by setting aside special time.
  • Choose books that are colourful and interesting to me.
  • I enjoy guessing games. Place some familiar objects on the table, and we can take turns describing them. For example "show me something we use to brush our hair”. Sometimes make it silly so we can laugh.
  • Silly games make me laugh. Make cards using simple magazine pictures. Add something that does not belong like a girl with a mustache or fish with legs. Giggle with me as we talk about what’s funny.
  • I enjoy surprises. Let's hide different objects in a box or bag for a game of touch and tell. We can take turns feeling the objects and describing what’s in the bag. Pull them out to see if we were right.