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By 9 months



  • Turns to look for a source of sound 
  • Understands short instructions (“wave bye-bye”, “no”, “don’t touch”)
  • Babbles a series of different sounds (“babababa”, “duhduhduh”)
  • Makes sounds or gestures to get attention or help
  • Plays games with you (nose touching, peek-a-boo)
  • Reaches to be picked up and held


The following activities for your baby will help you play your part in your baby’s development:


  • Hug and cuddle me often throughout the day. Tell me how wonderful I am.
  • Continue to talk to me about my world. Make me feel safe and secure by holding me, singing, and having quiet time with me. It is very common for me to prefer to be held by people I know well.
  • Let me imitate your actions and facial expressions. Play with me face-to-face and wait for me to respond. Repeat actions several times. Once I can do it, let me lead and you imitate me.
  • I like books with short sentences and simple pictures. Let me hold the book and turn the pages. Name the pictures. Don't be afraid to read the same book over and over again. I like the repetition. 
  • Read animal books and make the animal sounds, too!
  • Cut out pictures from magazines and use photos to make me a book of my own.
  • You can teach me how to follow short instructions by showing me. Help me "wave bye-bye ",
    "blow kisses ", and "clap hands”.