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By 6 months



  • Turns head and looks in the direction of a new sound
  • Responds to own name
  • Smiles and babbles when given adult attention
  • Vocalizes pleasure and displeasure (squeals with excitement or grunts in anger)
  • Seems to respond to some words
  • Makes sounds while you are talking to him/her


The following activities for your baby will help you play your part in your baby’s development:


  • I still like quiet time, so hug me, hold me, talk to me, sing to me, and read to me.
  • Comfort me when I am unhappy or fussy by rocking me, holding me close, or talking to me in a soft voice. Respond when I cry. Remember you can't spoil me.
  • Imitate sounds I make. My sounds may be changing to include more babbling. Try to get me to say them back to you as if we are having a conversation.
  • I like it when you slow down and change your tone of voice ("Hiiii pretty baaaaaby").
  • I enjoy it when you sing the same songs over and over again; Itsy Bitsy Spider, This Little Piggy, Peek-a-boo and Pat-a-cake are just some of my favourites.
  • When I'm not watching you, shake a rattle, squeeze a toy, or call my name from different parts of the room. This will help me to look in the direction of new sounds.
  • When I try to tell you something by looking, reaching, babbling, smiling or crying, try to understand what I mean and stay it with real words.