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By 30 months



  • Gives you the right toy when asked (“give me the big car”, “give me the little car”)
  • Joins three or more words together (“I want big ball”)
  • Names most common items (dog, apple, car)
  • Uses pronouns such as I, you, me, and mine
  • Uses word endings (“boy jumping”, “two cookies”)
  • Acts out daily routines with toys (feeds doll and then puts her to sleep)


The following activities for your child will help you play your part in your child’s development:

  • Play my favourite music and encourage me to run, stretch, jump, march, and walk. As the music changes my movements can be fast, slow, or graceful.
  • Dressing up is fun. I like hats, old clothing, jewelry, household objects, dolls, or anything I can use to make believe. I will act out things that are familiar, and this will help me learn about relationships.
  • It's fun to use markers, crayons, paint, or chalk to make a picture. Ask me to tell you about my picture when I'm finished. Make a book of all my pictures and we can look at it together.
  • When we go for a walk, collect rocks, seeds, leaves, twigs, and flowers. Feel the objects while we look at them and talk about the different weights, colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • Let's do different kinds of puzzles. We can take turns adding one or two pieces at a time and continue this way until I can do the whole puzzle on my own. Give me a hint when I need help.