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By 24 months



  • Understands one and two step directions (“close the door”, “go find your book and show it to grandma”)
  • Asks for help using words
  • Learns and uses one or more new words a week (may only be understood by family)
  • Joins two words together (“want cookie”, “car go”, “my hat”)
  • Says “no”, and likes to do some things without help
  • Uses toys for pretend play (gives doll a drink)


The following activities for your baby will help you play your part in your baby’s development:

  • Let's sing Old McDonald and move our bodies like the animals: hop like a frog or bunny, squat or waddle like a duck, or jump up and down like a kangaroo.
  • Let's play a game. Use two shoeboxes and two toys. We each get a box and a toy. Let's take turns putting our toy in, over, under, behind, and on the box. Talk to me about what we are doing.
  • Sings songs with me throughout the day and repeat them often. This helps me learn to sing on my own. Leave out parts of the song or rhyme for me to finish.
  • Help me learn new words. Talk to me during bathing, feeding, dressing, and doing daily chores. Name my clothing and body parts. Let me help set the table, sort the laundry, and put groceries away.
  • I like to play sorting games with you. We can sort objects by shape, touch, colour, and size. Use spoons, blocks, toys and clothing.