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By 18 months



  • Identifies pictures in a book (“show me the baby”)
  • Uses a variety of familiar gestures (waving, pushing, giving, reaching up)
  • Follows directions using "on" or “under”
  • Makes at least four different consonant sounds
    (b, n, d, h, g, w)
  • Points to at least three different body parts when asked (“where is your nose”)
  • Says 20 or more words (words do not have to be clear)


The following activities for your baby will help you play your part in your baby’s development:

  • Play some of my favorite music. Encourage me to move to the music by swinging my arms, moving slowly, marching to the music, hopping, clapping my hands, tapping my legs. Let’s have fun doing actions while listening to the music.
  • I am learning new words every day. Put pictures of people or objects in a bag and say "one, two, three, what do we see?" and pull a picture from the bag.
  • Pretend to talk to me on the phone or encourage me to call someone.
  • Help me to notice familiar sounds such as birds chirping, car or truck motors, airplanes, dogs barking, sirens, or splashing water. Imitate the noise you hear and see if I will imitate you. Encourage me by smiling and clapping.
  • I like simple puzzles with two or four pieces and shape-sorters with simple shapes. Encourage me to match the pieces by taking turns with me.