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By 12 months



  • Looks at the person trying to say the baby's name
  • Understands simple requests and questions
    (“where is the ball?”, “find your shoes.”)
  • Combines sounds together as the talking
    (“bada banuh abe”)
  • Takes turns making sounds with you
  • Consistently uses three or more words
  • Starts games with you or shows you toys
    (peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake)


The following activities for your baby will help you play your part in your baby’s development:

  • Take me for a walk outdoors and talk about everything I see and hear.
  • Teach me rhyming, clapping, and hiding games. When I start the game, be excited. I want to play with you.
  • I will understand instructions and requests better when you use gestures. Keep it simple. When you say “no”, shake your head; when you say “shoes on”, point to my feet.
  • Talk to me in simple language. Use short sentences (“big truck”, “nice dog”). Hold objects out in front of me and name them. Wait for me to respond with a sound, word, or gesture, and we can take turns.
  • I like books with simple pictures and short sentences. Let me hold the book and turn the pages. I like to read the same book over and over again. Cut out pictures and photos to make me a book of my own.