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Ask Questions

When trying to prompt our children to speak, asking open ended questions can help get a conversation started.

Good Openers:

  • What is happening?
  • How do things work? (i.e., How does the car work?)
  • How did it happen? (i.e., How did he hurt himself?)
  • Why questions (i.e., Why is she staying home?)
  • What will happen next?
  • "What if" questions (i.e., What will happen if I drop a raw egg? What would you do if I screamed really loud?)
  • When questions (i.e., When will Bobby come home?)

Try to avoid these questions which can be answered with only one word:

  • Yes/no questions  (i.e., Is that man coming here?)
  • Intonational questions (i.e., That's all I have to do?)
  • What questions - asking for labels (i.e., What is that?)
  • Tag questions (i.e., She's not very happy, is she?)
  • Who questions (i.e., Who were you talking to?)
  • Where questions (i.e., Where are they going?

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