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Early identification of speech and language problems can be overcome through parent and professional intervention.  Parent involvement, education and support are the greatest contributors to success in a child's speech and language development.  Take time to learn more about enhancing your child's speech skills, tips for communicating with your child and the importance of hearing and vision in the development of language.

Speech, Language and Hearing Association of Peterborough Conference

Thursday May 2, 2019


The Speech, Language and Hearing Association of Peterborough (SLHAP) is pleased to announce an upcoming conference:

Play, Social Engagement and Language Development in Autism:

Practical Ideas for Young Children Across the Spectrum

with Lisa Drake, M. Cl. Sc., CCC-SLP, S-LP(C)


Participants will learn:
1. How to identify the key milestones of social engagement, play and language (from oral language to literacy) in children with autism;
2. How the pattern of these milestones differs from typical development;
3. How language, social engagement and play are interconnected and explain how all of these areas can be included in treatment;
4. Review and practice interactive approaches to help children make progress in these areas
within specific games and activities.

Peterborough Public Library 345 Aylmer Street N., Peterborough


We have had such an overwhelming response to our confrerence we have closed registration.

For further information, contact slhap@live.ca



Image of SLHAP poster for 2019